It's me, Anna-E

I wrote a book.

A whole book. In a month. And I’m really proud of that.

Over the last few years, terrifying changes brought down the white columns of my Southern gothic revival life. So, I sat down to write a paragraph about depression on the 17th of June 2012. No one was more surprised than me when it turned into a completed light fantasy novel about a struggling teenage girl five weeks later. I still don’t know how it happened, from whence the story came or what it was doing inside my brain. It just fell out of me.

I asked a bunch of people to read it. Most importantly of these beta readers was my sister, who has always told me the hard truths when no one else would. The result was that I ended up changing very little. In spite of my complete lack of experience, talent and knowledge the story was good. Goose bump inducing for some. The most common comment was, “when can I read the next one?” Incredibly gratifying, humbling and even a little bit frightening.

After fixing most of my adorable typos, I started querying agents at the end of August 2012. I was selective only in making sure what I had fit with what they were seeking. I kept a color coded spreadsheet of who declined, who requested partials and fulls. Nothing makes me happier than an over-organized plan of campaign.

After a roller coaster of declines and offers, I signed with Diana Finch the first week of October 2012. We took a long time tweaking little things, strengthening parts and really getting inside the characters. And she succeeded where every single English teacher failed me. I now remember that cannot is one word. Plant that victory flag in my keyboard, y’all.

Life is whirlwind of meetings and conferences and life for Diana. And in the middle of running her literary agency, she has been hunting down the perfect home for this book. And I have no doubt she will find it. She exercises a junk ton more patience in this industry than I do. I don’t wait well.

I have a sneaking suspicion, despite Diana’s kind protests, that I am one of THOSE authors. The kind who can’t sit quietly in the corner and only speak when spoken to. There is an unquenchable thirst for news that makes my voice crack with desire. I did tell you I like a plan. I wasn’t kidding. Still, I try my best not to email her more than once a month and only when I have something to tell her. That way I can pretend I’m expertly veiling my desperate need for updates with an informative and professional communication. I think I’ve got her fooled so far. Sadly, my cover is now blown.

Even if a Mothership Publisher doesn’t pick it up, Diana and I won’t rest until it’s out in the wild in some format. Because everything fell into place for this story from the beginning; its birth, its query journey, its awkward preteen years, I have perfect faith that wherever it lands will be just the right place.

I’m halfway through the second installment with plans to finish the series by January 2015. The best part about this is, I have another book and a half left to roll around in my imagination, to wallow in this strange land and to marinate on who these people are at their core. Because I can’t write about anything else until I’m finished with this world I built. But mostly because I have beta readers who want to know how it all ends. And if for no other reason, I want to finish for them.

And now, my cat. Because life is not complete without Remus.


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