It's me, Anna-E


I have a bird feeder on my side deck. A very nice wooden, pretty bird feeder. The squirrels think it’s nice too. There are three squirrels that frequent the feeder, they are typically very nice and clean. Eat what they want and throw the rest over the side of the rail. There’s a pile of seed by the gutter runoff now. There was that time I noticed grass growing in one of the spaces between the deck boards, but I don’t like to mention that. It’s rude. Right. So. The three squirrels that frequent the feeder are polite and quiet. Except for the other day. Remus was Most Interested in the goings on out there, so I got up off the sofa to check it out. image No body moved while I was looking through the glass door. image And then it was all fuss and feather! image They didn’t appear to be taking the tussle seriously. It looked a lot more like a little wrestley fun post lunch to me. Still, we had a chat about manners. I reminded them that there are squirrel-proof feeders out there and not to push me to such extremes by all this horseplay. I have a feeling they, like most, paid little attention to my words.

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